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Image by Olga Kononenko


8 oz Happy Birthday Candle

8 oz Happy Birthday Candle


Each 8 oz Happy Birthday scented candle smells like a baked cake with sprinkles.   This candle can be personalized so that special someone will know how much they are truly appreciated.  If you would like to design your own label, please let us know at checkout what you would like your label to read and we will be happy to help!  


balloon and party hat design on label may vary.


fragrance notes:  cupcake


Keep in mind when shopping for a candle, beeswax is the highest grade wax in the world.  Thanks to our little bee friends it is the only nature made wax.  People often ask me the difference between paraffin, soy and beeswax and the answer is very simple....paraffin and soy are man made, BUT beeswax is made during the honey making process in the hive by bees...can't get much more natural then that!

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